Sunday 21 August 2016

Al-Ber-T - My 50th Birthday Bear

This is Al-Ber-T (Albert), yes, I name all my bears!

When my children were growing up, they used to say that I never purchased food, I purchased ingredients ... Probably because I dont buy much by way of processed foods,  I'd rather make my own from scratch.

My son Allyn and daughter-in-law, Amber, purchased my teddy bear in the very same spirit

My choice was easy, a teddy bear, but the "how" was hard. Two seperate colour bears, or one that combined them both. The more I looked at the yarn, the easier the choice became.

One bear ...

... both colours

Seperate, yet always together.

Beautiful - and named after both of my gift-givers xxx
Plus the silver "50" that decorated my birthday cake

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